The Alchemist diary 2022

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  1. and 6. 2. 2022
    We started this year's show season in Viničné, Slovakia. Eric Reijers - judges Amonet Blue AlchemistDespite many cats and their companions, the atmosphere was friendly and relaxed. We were delighted with the place and the free space around us.
    We took our girl duo, Amonet and Goccia, to the show. For Goccia, it was her first show, a trip (though not as long as when we took her home from Italy) and a stay in a hotel room. Amonet turned out to be an exemplary trainer, and Goccia managed everything calmly and comfortably.
    On Saturday, Mr Eric Reijers evaluated the girls, and both of them got a beautiful evaluation. Goccia was awarded Best in Variety at her show debut. During the Best in Show nomination, Mr Reijers decided between Goccia and the Ocicat kitten, and in the end, Goccia won the nomination. In the BIS, the Burmese cat won.
    On Sunday, Mr Jaroslav Pánek judged both cats. Goccia also won the BIV award on Sunday, and in the Best in Show nomination, she beat the brown Burmese. In BIS, however, the Burmese of Croatian breeders won again. Amonet received CACIB on both days, and by receiving Sunday's award, she achieved the title of International Champion.
    The journey back was in a calm spirit. We must say that we were all quite tired and looking forward to seeing the rest of the cat gang back home. Both girls were lovely and good.

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