PF 2021

    1. 2020
      For those interested in little blue restlessness, we have added an overview of information to the newly created section Kittens, which will hopefully help to find answers to some questions accompanying the purchase of a kitten from our cattery.
    1. 2020

      The Alchemists wish you Happy Easter and good health to everyone.


    1. 2020
      We decided to spend the next Saturday in February at the cat show in Vienna. It was a one-day two-certificate exhibition, which we took part in last year in Eisenstadt, Austria. We went to Vienna on Friday to manage the morning check-in and all the preparations in peace and without haste.
      At the acceptance, which included only the control of vaccination in the vaccination card and the scanning of the cat's microchip, we inadvertently created a traffic jam. Pirouette and Venus - Vienna 2020The organizers mistook the names of exhibitors from Bohemia, which began with the letter "M" and ended with "ová". They kept trying to force us a ticket with a foreign name and they didn't understand why we didn't want to take it. After a long examination, repeated explanations on our part that the names are really different, they finally gave us an exhibition catalogue (ie rather a few broken sheets with the names of cats and their very modest identification) and told us the number of our cage. To our surprise, however, at the place where we were supposed to have a place for a cage, there was an already decorated cage with cats from the lady with whom the organizers exchanged us. Since we had a cage next to our Chartreux guardian angel from Hungary, we insisted relentlessly in our place. The fact that a classic metal cage was laid out in our place, although we reported to Sturdi and had it approved and permitted by the chairman of the organization, we preferred not to solve it at all. Because we had originally naively hoped for an empty table for the Sturdi cage, we didn't even take a strong foam pad with us, which would create a soft base between the folded metal cage and the bottom of the Sturdi. We solved everything by inserting the entire unfolded Sturdi cage into a metal double cage (if the organizers of the exhibition allow it, we always provide a double cage for one cat for greater space and comfort). In the end, we settled down in our place, quite exhausted, and somehow hoped that all the suffering was over.
      The judging within the exhibition took place in two places and according to the information from the organizers, we had to go first to the judges marked with yellow leaves and then to the judges with blue leaves. Unfortunately, the assessment was dragging on, and when we had not been assessed even afternoon, we began to worry that the assessment of both assessors would work out almost simultaneously. As we ran from one room to another, we remembered the album "Anarchy and Total Chaos" created by the Czech punk band "Visací zámek" several times. Finally, we started the judging with the judge Michael Edström in the section with blue leaves. Pirča was classically interested in everything around her, she even dabbled the juror at work and looked at his papers. Before the shoot-in to the Best in Show, we hurried to the judge in the yellow part with the apology that we were still waiting for the shoot-in to the BIS and we would be a while late. During this shooting, a lilac-coloured British cat finally advanced to the BIS. The second assessment by the judge, Ad de Bruijn, followed immediately, we just had to move to another room in the building. Pirča and we were already tired and quite nervous, and Pirča certainly didn't look enthusiastic about the next assessment. Pirouette Vídeň 2020In the end, she managed her own judgement perfectly and reached into the secret Carthusian reserves of patience and energy during the shooting and she was completely relaxed. This time we advanced from the shootout with a lilac British cat to BIS.
      At the end of the exhibition, therefore, two BIS took place. First one nominated from the judges from the blue part and then from the yellow part, in which Pirča also received her nomination. We were quite nervous about the general noise, the loudspeaker and motivating the audience to the applause from the organizer, but Pirča stayed calm and was just great. She did not let herself be derailed and the quixotic fight with a Burmese boy (by the way last year's world winner) from a well-known Hungarian cattery passed with honour. The Burmese eventually dominated both BIS in small and larger kittens. The most important thing for us was that Pirča managed everything well and without stress. The show was long and tiring, but we were in the great company of our dear Susan and we were able to discuss a lot of things about Chartreux cats and much more.
  1. and 16. 2. 2020
    After one year we returned to the “crime scene” and spent both weekend days at the cat show in Beroun. The exhibition was traditionally held in KD Plzeňka with a perfect background and a spacious place for us and Pirča, so we were all completely satisfied. We were very pleased to meet our friends and the whole exhibition was for us in a relaxed and friendly spirit.
    Pirča was judged on Saturday by Mr Reijers, who liked her very much and did not spare superlatives to her address. Pirča was nominated to BIS, where there was a great competition of beautiful and quality kittens. In the company of two British cats, Kurilian Bobtail and Ocicat Pirča certainly did not get lost and even though she wasn't left without votes, it was not enough to win the overall BIS.
    On Sunday Pirča was judged by Mr Isakov, and we were very happy that he looked really charmed by her. Pirča was wonderful both days, she was not afraid, she was also highly interested in what was happening in her surroundings and she cooperated beautifully with the judges. Also on Sunday Pirča was nominated for BIS. In the BIS itself, the situation from the previous day was repeated. Pirča was in the company of another four cat juniors and because there were also kittens of our friends, we kept our fingers crossed. Winning British boy was very beautiful and we sincerely congratulated both Lenka and Vašek for the Saturday and Sunday victory in BIS. We are looking forward to and we believe that the next time we will also see the Chartreux and the Kurilians as the winners.
    1. 2020
      Finally, the day of measuring the Chartreux heart pumps came and Tamiko and Eros went to their court veterinarian for HCM screening. Both of them patiently survived the examination, although this time Tamiko was a bigger rebel than Bandito and would rather examine the equipment of the surgery than to have calmly examined the pumping heart. The result of the examination was excellent and both cats received a medical report and confirmation with the result HCM negative.

PF 2020

    1. 2019
      Sunday was already in a relatively calm spirit. We had no more judging or other duties waiting for us and we could really look around the exhibition and chat with other breeders of the Chartreux. Sunday was reserved only for judging and announcing the Best in Show. In the morning there were judged and announced categories 1 and 2 and in the afternoon categories 3 and 4. It is necessary to slip off the hat in front of all cats that were in BIS. The screams of enthusiasm from the auditorium were sometimes too loud even for our ears, so it had to be an even greater strain on the eardrums for cats. Sometimes we watched the announcement of the first two categories on a large screen. We went to the show area to see category 3. Chartreux kitten - Worldshow 2019 FreiburgThe list of winners in this category, however, was rather dull. Burmese won among small kittens, Burmese won among juniors, Burmese won again among cat castrates and Burmese won among cat castrates for change. The change was not brought about by the adult cat class so that it wouldn't be too confusing, that wasn't won by other than Burma. Somehow we could not last that mentally and went out to fill our stomachs. As we learned later and it was a big surprise for us, the winner among adult males was not Burmese, but a golden shaded British. To be clear, we definitely have nothing against the Burmese cats, but here it was just somehow over Burmese.
      Overall we have to say that we enjoyed the exhibition and we are definitely glad that we attended it. The Czech team was in a relaxed and friendly mood, support and also a lot of emotions. We met our good friends and acquaintances and we were very happy that we could spend some time with them in a pleasant conversation.
      We also met with breeders of the Chartreux from abroad. We knew some of them from previous foreign exhibitions, with some of them we promised together to meet in the world show because we had only been in written contact so far, with others we had our mutual premiere. An exhibition of this format was just another valuable and interesting experience for which we are very happy. And we are very happy that Pirča got a beautiful and valuable achievement and managed everything excellent. She's our little French heroine.
    1. 2019
      On Saturday we headed towards the Freiburg Exhibition Center refreshed and with a good time reserve. In the hall, we walked past the queue of unfortunates waiting for the medical check-in, where we had stood the previous evening and entered the hall, where we had to register. The organizers had flags of each participating country over their tables, so it was not difficult to steer in the right direction and after submitting the result of the health check and reporting our name we received a catalogue with our cat numbers and a series designation with cage location. Here we also reported Eros's absence.
      The cages were divided by country and two rows were reserved for the Czech Republic. We were glad we were surrounded by familiar faces and all our friends and good acquaintances were within easy reach. After preparing the cage and occupying Pirča, we finally looked into the catalogue to find out which breeders are present at the show and how many of the blue furs gathered here. From the number of registered Chartreux, we got a little breathless. 28 blue ones and many of them from kennels with considerable reputation. In the end, it turned out that in addition to our Eros two more Chartreux did not arrive, but even so, the number of blue participants was breathtaking. We were assigned to Mr Karel Preiss for judging and we did not arrive until late afternoon.
      When the assessment of the Chartreux began, we took Pirča and started towards the judging table. This was another weak point of the exhibition. Little space, little fresh air and sunshine shining strongly into the hall. All breeders crowded in a small reserved area around the judging table, and the entire assessment of the Chartreux took a good two hours. Pirča was amazing, she was there with us all the time and only occasionally protested. Although we reported Eros's absence early this morning, the judge had no information about this change. Fortunately, we clarified everything in a moment and waited for us to come, because Pirča was in the catalogue among the Chartreux to the very last. We were basically relatively calm because Piruetka had in her class kitten girls aged 4-7 months of heavy competition in the form of cats from the famous foreign catteries. We also did not know in what mood will Pirča wake up after a long wait for her "five minutes of fame". After we put her on the table and Pirča checked the situation she decided to cast her sweet playful face and left cat scoundrel in the carrier. She was indeed very kind, interested in the toy the judge had shown her, and she was very much praised by him. Subsequently, it was the time of ranking decision within her class. Chartreux kittens - Worldshow 2019 FreiburgŽumík was halfway between the other two girls, watching the situation curiously. Judge hesitated for a long time, he waved with his toy before each cat's paws and muzzle and then he awarded third rank to the cat from the Swiss cattery. It was a surprise for us because it would be no shame to win third place in this competition. Then the judge returned to Pirča and the second cat and hesitated again. He pondered, taking both the cats in his hand, waving with the toy again and watching how the cats react. He finally pointed at us and declared Piruetka first. For us, it was really a shock, not that we did not believe in Pirča, but in such competition, we did not give ourselves too much chance. We were very happy and Pirča got countless kisses from us. Judge still had to declare Best in Variety. At that time Pirča was together with a male from class 4-7 months and older male from class 7-10 months. Best in Variety was awarded to the older male from the French cattery. Later this boy got even nomination for the Best in Show, where he really cooked competitive rival Burmese lady. We on our cloud enthusiastically sailed back to our home cage and Pirča received a tasty reward and fell into the arms of Morpheus. After the first day of the world exhibition, we returned to the hotel to recharge our batteries for the next day.
    1. 2019
      Already during the last autumn, we started to think about attending the biggest annual cat festive, which is the World Cat Show. This year's event took place in the German city of Freiburg, which lies in a short distance from the Swiss and French borders. We were hoping that thanks to such a beautifully geographically chosen venue of the world exhibition we could see the Chartreux cats of renowned foreign breeders. From our blue breeding all three blue ones qualified for the world show, but in the end, we decided to enter only with Eros and Piruetka. But as it happens, man proposes, but the Chartreux disposes. On Wednesday, our kitten-teen duo played its favourite game famously called - I grab you with my paws and then I start kicking you, ideally in the head. As a result of this harshly acting, but usually innocent and fruitless game, Brother Žižka (famous Czech medieval one-eyed chieftain) came out of our Italian pubescent boy with a seductive look. After evaluating the condition of the eye, which fortunately did not receive any serious damage, we started treatment and hoped that the irritated eye would quickly recover. On Friday morning, before leaving, Brother Žižka was not bivouacking at home, but only Aunt Squintine, but it was nothing we could present at the world-format exhibition. So the final decision was that only Pirča would travel to the world and the only bonus would be that she would have for her a luxury double-cage, which she had originally inhabited with Erouš.
      The journey to Freiburg went quite calmly, except that Pirča was showing off invading the Alien and the Sturdi crate alternately bulging in all directions. So we finally let her out and Pirča spent the rest of her journey sprawled on my wife's lap or on the middle elbow pad between the front seats. As the organizers made it clear that the medical check-up will be on Friday afternoon in addition to Saturday morning, we went straight to the exhibition hall, where the cat show was supposed to take place and then we can go straight to Saturday morning registration without having to undergo a medical check-up ... and yes, it also meant that we could have a little sleep in the morning.
      Pirouette de Juma - HotelEven before we arrived in Freiburg, we were told that the acceptance was for a long time and indeed it was really for a long time. With all due respect to the organizers of the world exhibition, it was a complete debacle and the organization and preparation of the health checks really, really failed. At the time of our arrival and queuing, there were only two veterinarians at the end of the human snake. We had the impression that we came back a few decades back in time and at the end of the queue we will find Cuban oranges, colour TV or Škoda Favorit. The whole event took us two hours of waiting and some of those who arrived before enjoyed waiting almost three hours. We do not need to add that most of the waiting was sullen and it was no fun also for cats. Surprisingly, Pirča managed everything in peace and fell asleep after a short dissatisfied grunt. We passed a two-minute veterinary examination without any problems and then set off for a well-deserved rest in the hotel.
    1. 2019
      On the first weekend in October, we took part in the International cat show in Kutna Hora. The exhibition was held in KD Lorec and it was organised very well. The premises were quite comfortable, facilities for visitors and exhibitors as well. There were, of course, small bugs, but they were more on the side of the culture house equipment.
      On Saturday our Blue trio was presented to the Spanish judge. All three blues exhibited themselves very nicely, Eros won Best in Variety and also received Best in Show nomination. Tamiko got her next CAGCIB certificate and the little Pirouette also liked the judge very much, although the great presenting kitten occasionally turned into the kitten "fleabag" in our hands. In the shoot-offs, the rivals finally advanced to the nomination of both our girls. In the afternoon Eros won his first BIS victory. Unfortunately, his sensitivity to overly noisy and distorting loudspeakers was again apparent. In addition, the stewardess completely misunderstood his attempt to elegantly evaporate and kept Eros quite indiscriminately on the table, so Eros returned to us with a cup and a cockade, but completely broken out of which we were annoyed, disgruntled and unhappy.
      Eros della Francigena - Show TimeOn Sunday we attended the judge from France. Tamča received her last CAGCIB certificate and became International Grand Champion. One of the rivals won the shootout. Piruetka again liked very much and finally in the shootout to the nomination for Best in Show won over Bengali kitten and a little blue British, which surprised us and we were very pleased. There was a bit of a problem with Eros, as he probably hadn't forgotten the experience of the previous day. Instead of the instantly relaxed cat he had always been during the judging, he was not feeling well on the table at all, and it was obvious that he was not in his skin. Eros was awarded Best in Variety and BIS nomination despite his disagreement. In her own BIS, the Piruetka was in the company of kittens Kurill bobtail and Egyptian Mau, which eventually won BIS. Eros won BIS on Sunday. For us, however, the main thing was that Eros got a very attentive steward, who, despite Eros obvious discomfort, managed to calm and show off nicely. We were very happy for that and we really hope that bad experience will not sign on Eros and he will manage other exhibitions as it has been so far, ie playful, inquisitive and relaxed cat male youngster.
    1. 2019
      On the last Saturday in September we decided to attend a cat show held in the Austrian town Tulln an der Donau. The exhibition was held at the local Messe Tulln exhibition centre as a part of the big exhibition holiday "Du & das Tier", which was mainly devoted to the exhibition of dogs of all breeds.Pirouette de Juma
      We arrived in Tulln on Friday because some of us are not complete fans of morning long-distance rides (or to be precise getting up early in the morning). We stayed in an amazing family hotel in Stockerau. Our show matador Tamiko decided to liven up the morning despite almost for us generous time reserve necessary for quiet packing and departure to the show. She wrapped herself under the bed and refused to go out. The problem was that we couldn't even get under the bed. Between the bed and the ground was space just enough to enter the cat's body or human hand. Of course, Tamča chose the strategic placement of her show skin right in the middle of the beds for sure, so any effort to pull a boycotting blueish cat was useless. Because the favourite food treats had already been packed in the suitcase and stored in the car, it was the toy that finally lured Tamča out after a few long minutes.
      Fortunately, the journey to the exhibition centre took about fifteen minutes, so we arrived later than we originally intended, but still in time. We struggled a little to find the right parking lot, to which we got a link in the propositions and which surprisingly was not marked at all and even there was a barred entrance to this area. However, we were lucky and the patrol member of the organizational team defending the roadblock allowed us to enter and we arrived at the parking lot at our exhibition hall number 8. Although this hall was reserved for the cat show, unfortunately only half of the hall, so in the end, there was not enough spare place. In addition to several kiosks focused on cats, in the second part of the hall was placed an exhibition ring for dogs. Also, the other halls were full of dog hairs of various breeds. It was interesting to look at our favourite dog breeds in other halls. Unfortunately, the halls were passable and accessible to everyone, so around the cages with cats went dog owners with their pets and some cats, of course, weren't very happy about this.
      All our three blue members participated in the show. Tamiko, Eros and Pirouette, who was at her first show. Tamiko was the first to judge. She and Mr. judge understood each other well and Tamča even left in her cage her expression bulging little owl, which sometimes appears on her face from all these things around her and she was absolutely cool. She got her second foreign (and fourth overall) CAGCIB certificate and nomination for BIS. In the afternoon BIS finally won Bengali cat.
      Eros came the second. He was a little annoyed by the sounds coming from the rattling loudspeaker, which was located in a short distance from our review table. Yet he managed his presentation well, although sometimes the judging table seemed too small for him. Eros was awarded by the Best in Variety award.
      Pirouette came as the last. It was her first show and first judging experience. The judge liked her very much and praised her very much. Pirča was nice, not afraid, but she considered all sorts of happenings around as a waste of time, and she would rather go to play with Eros. Piruetka was also nominated for BIS. The BIS was then won the older British kitten.
      We enjoyed the show, but we were glad that we went only for one day. We liked to talk to other breeders and visitors interested in the breed of Carthusian cat. It has to be admitted that some visitors have traditionally been confused and confusing blue fur of Chartreux for British or Russian blue. Just blue fur also have the Chartreux and it is only good that they are exhibited on shows and people have the opportunity to learn about the differences of individual breeds of blue cats.
    1. 2019
      For the second time this year, we are pleased to announce that the private alchemist club has grown by another member. Our blueish family was enriched this time by the amazing cat with great pedigree and very promising premise for breeding. We imported our little Pirouette de Juma from France from a cattery, which takes care of a responsible approach to breeding and strives for the best development of this amazing breed.
      Thank you for the opportunity to get such a great cat and for the trust we have gained by entrusting her to our breeding.
      We would also like to thank our friends abroad who have helped us very much, trusted us and supported us. And a big thank you also to the friends here who support us with their presence, their advice and optimism. Thank you all very much. We really appreciate such real friendships and we are grateful for them.
      Pirouette passed all health tests, which we consider important for our breeding cats with negative results. After the necessary quarantine, she absolutely flawlessly integrated into the blue-beige cat gang.
  1. and 28. 7. 2019
    Last July weekend we attended the international cat show, organized by our home organization. The exhibition was held in a calm environment of the racecourse in Velká Chuchle. Both days were hot and sultry. The cats received a small mobile fan, which we occasionally scattered around the still air and whose services we also occasionally used. As a live TV bonus, Tamiko and Eros had a view to the racetrack, on which beautiful horses walked or ran several times during the day. However, it was a great pity that there were not many visitors to the exhibition on Saturday or Sunday. It was probably caused by a combination of holidays, weather and on Saturday due to the triathlon in progress, which also led around the racetrack and reduced the throughput in this part of Prague.
    On Saturday Tamiko got her second CAGCIB certificate and although it was hot and we got to the judging around noon, she was relaxed and worked nicely with the judge. Eros had its premiere in the Czech Republic, he liked it very much and was nominated for BIS. In BIS, Eros was in the company of Burmese kitten and Egyptian mau kitten, who eventually won the BIS.
    On Sunday we went to the judging quite early. Tamiko got her third CAGCIB certificate and the judge praised her eye colour, body structure and uniform coat colour. As usual, Eros was immediate and he was more interested in the toy he could play with than what the judge said. Judge rated Eros very nice, she liked the quality and length of hairs, colour and shape of the eye and also the overall appearance of our musculature guy. Eros was invited to the shortlist for the BIS nomination, where eventually advanced kitten of the British cat.
    For the rest of the exhibition, Tamiko and Eros were inspired by the behaviour of their wild, distant relatives from the African plains. They decided to fall asleep in hot conditions, save energy and we have had two stretched and motionless cat skins at Sturdi during rest of the exhibition.
    1. 2019
      On the first weekend in July, we decided to take part in an exhibition in Dachau, Germany. Originally we wanted to go on both days, but unfortunately, we missed the original date and when we registered during the extended registration, the free place was only for Sunday. But we did not mind, we left our home to Dachau on Friday and on Saturday we enjoyed the beautiful and hot summer weather and made trips to the surroundings.
      Sunday morning welcomed us with overcast skies, rain and temperature drop, but since we had to spend the whole day in the exhibition hall, it didn't bother us so much. Ten Chartreux were at the show and such abundant participation was quite a surprise for us. However, we were really happy that we had the opportunity to see the Chartreux exhibitors from Germany and Italy and could talk with many of them. The judge for Chartreux on Sunday was Mr Eric Reijers.
      Tamiko was again beautifully showing off, she even reincarnated into a meerkat for a while and standing on its hind legs on the judge's table. Mr Reijers praised her pronounced and uniform coat and eyes, muscular body and character and Tamiko got her first CAGCIB certificate.
      Eros had his show premiere in Germany. Tamiko probably gave him instructions and explained to him that there was nothing to worry about and Eros was absolutely calm, enjoyed the show and behaved naturally. He even wanted to be the magician while judging and tried to make disappear one of the judge's toys. That made us laugh and all the onlookers. Eros liked it very much, the judge praised his appearance and character and behaviour very much.
      Due to the large number of exhibited Chartreux, there was also declared BIV (Best in Variety). Mr. Reijers said something about each of the seven cats that were in the selection and then he declared the winner. And the winner was our little tomcat Eros. We were incredibly excited and happy. In such a big competition, we were really surprised and so much more was our joy. Eros was also invited to the shortlist for a BIS nomination, where he met an older Burmese cat kitten, who eventually advanced to the nomination.
      We liked the whole weekend very much, the exhibition was in a relaxed and quiet spirit. All were pleasant and tried to help and make it more pleasant for both exhibitors and their cat wards. We were very happy that we participated in this show and we will be happy to remember it.
    1. 2019
      We are pleased to announce that our alchemical cat club has grown by a new member. We brought a reinforcement from Italy in the form of Chartreux male Eros della Francigena coming from high-quality foreign lines. We are happy that we could get a tomcat from such a great, quality cattery.
      Eros has already passed health tests with negative results and of course the necessary quarantine. If everything goes as we hope and believe, Eros will become the first breeding boy of our cattery.
      We would like to thank our Italian friends for the trust we have received from them. At the same time, we would also like to thank all our friends who supported us and helped us on this journey.
      Thank you again and we appreciate it.
    1. 2019
      Today we received the results of laboratory tests from the German laboratory LABOKLIN. Tamiko was preventively tested for Calicivirus, Herpes-PCR, Chlamydia-PCR, Mycoplasma felis-PCR and Bordetella bronchiseptica. The results of all performed tests are with negative result.
  1. and 21. 4. 2019
    We spent the Easter weekend with Tamiko at a cat show in Liberec. The combination of beautiful weather, meeting friends and well-known breeders and a well-organized exhibition has left us an indelible experience. On Saturdays and Sundays, many visitors stopped and we had the opportunity to have a pleasant chat with many of them.
    Tamiko got nice judgment and her second CACIB on Saturday. She was invited to a shortlist for a BIS nomination, where the beautiful Burmese cat Bella Ambra was won.
    On Sunday, four Chartreux presented themselves at the show. Tamiko really enjoyed the judging on Sunday and we just stared in disbelief. She cooperated very well with the judge and she felt like at home on the judge's desk. Tamiko got very nice judgment again and third CACIB. By obtaining the third CACIB certificate, Tamiko became the International Champion and we are very proud of her. Given that four uncastrated Chartreux came together at the show, Best in Variety was also judged and announced, which Tamiko won and we were absolutely thrilled. Tamiko was also invited on Sunday to a shortlist for a BIS nomination, where she met British cat and Burmese cat Bella Ambra, who came out as a winner again.
  1. and 7. 4. 2019
    This weekend we and our little traveller Tamiko visited a two-day international cat show in the German town Hof. It was a classic cage premiere for us and for Tamiko because the German organization did not allow to exhibit cats in Sturdi cages. However, we knew that in advance and we had enough time to prepare and arrange the necessary equipment to the cage and for decoration. The exhibition was well organized, the exhibition spaces in Freiheitshalle were large enough with excellent facilities, and helpful and smiling organizers. In addition to the large number of exhibitors, many visitors came to see the exhibition.
    On Saturday, Tamiko received a very good report in open class and a third CAC and she reached the title Champion. Tami was invited to a shortlist for a BIS nomination on Saturday. There were a total of six cats. In competition with the British shorthairs, Bengals and one Burma finally won the Burmese cat. Tami was very nice all the time, even though we waited for about fifteen minutes before all the exhibitors invited for the shortlist for nomination came for judgment. Partial annoyance was visible at all attendants, after all, the long-standing waiting for exhibitors took a really long time.
    Tamiko competed in champion class on Sunday. Mrs Pahl liked her and she received a very nice judgment and first CACIB. Also on Sunday Tami was invited to the shortlist for the nomination, this time she had a competition in the form of two British cats and two Burmas. The Burmese cat passed to the nomination. Tami was very skilful for both days, and as always she was interested in everything around. She was restocking her energy with deep and contented sleep, when she lay in a cage in a very relaxed position.
    1. 2019
      The French version is officially launched.
    1. 2019
      We spent Sunday by an exhibition in Eisenstadt, a small town with a charming old centre near Vienna. For us and Tamiko, it was the first foreign exhibition. In addition, one-day and two-certificate, so in one day (in this case, in the morning) we were on two judgings. The organizers have prepared show very well, and they even managed the fact that we have already prepared a classic cage instead of a free table for Sturdi, although we have advised it several times in advance. In the end, however, we agreed, everything cleared up, and with a smile and calmness, there was a correction.
      In the open class, three Chartreux met. Although judges liked Tamiko, they finally preferred cats with lighter fur and more mature expression. We were so glad that we also had the chance to see a pretty Chartreux from a Hungarian cattery and talk to her accompaniment.
      Tamiko managed the show really perfectly, as well as a four-hour trip to Austria and then back again. She looked at other cats at the show and we felt she was really enjoying it. Especially that there was something new happening around her. At home, she surely told Arcik and Elinka what kind of world she had seen.
    1. 2019
      Today we received a negative result of the genetic test for PKD (polycystic kidney disease) from the Genomia Laboratory.
      Although Chartreux do not suffer from this hereditary disease, we decided that Tamiko should have pass this test. We wanted to have 100% confidence and thanks to the negative result we also have assurance that Tamiko does not suffer from this disease and can not be a potential carrier of this disease for the next generation. We are very happy to have the negative test result, although we expected it.
    1. 2019
      On Sunday, Tamiko also received a beautiful report with CAC certificate from Mr. de Bruijn. The situation was repeated again, Tamiko went into the shortlist for a BIS nomination, which was subsequently won by a beautiful young British cat.
      The exhibition was held in a pleasant environment, and well organized.
      Tamiko enjoyed the spotlight on the judges tables. In the meantime, she had been watching the passing visitors inside her cosy environment of her habitat or she had happily snoozed.
      The results were added in the table and you can also find pictures from the exhibition in the gallery.
    1. 2019
      For the very first time Tamiko entered open class at the International Cat Show held in Beroun. Mr. Vladimir Isakov (judge) liked her very much and she received a beautiful report with CAC certificate. She was chosen to be in a shortlist for a BIS nomination, and in this shootout the British cat won a nomination.
    1. 2019
      We added a photo gallery to the Exhibitions section, which will be continuously updated.
    1. 2018
      The English version is officially launched. We have made a lot of effort to translate the pages correctly, but because we are not native speakers, all corrections are welcome.
    1. 2018
      On the second day of the exhibition, eight Chartreux were exhibited, again three in class 11 (kittens 7-10 months). Tamiko enjoyed the show. She was very handsome and presented herself beautifully.
      For the results of both days, see the Exhibitions section.
    1. 2018
      We participated in the International Cat Show in Olomouc. Saturday's exhibition was attended by nine Chartreux which three of them were in class 11 (kittens 7-10 months).
    1. 2018
      Cattery Blue Alchemist, CZ enters into the web space.