Chartreeux kitten

Character of Chartreux

Chartreux has the CHA code according to the EMS labelling system and according to the International Federation of Cat FIFe standards, it belongs to III. category.
They occur only in blue. Other colours than shades of blue are not allowed and are therefore undesirable. Chartreux are sometimes confused with a British blue cat, sometimes with a Russian cat or a Korat. Differences are of course present, and not only in appearance but also in nature. Every breed has and must have its own characteristics.
The head of Chartreux has the shape of an inverted trapezoid.
The eye colour is in a range of gold, orange, amber to copper. Highly seated ears give the impression of constant attention and vigilance.
The Chartreux does not have a chunky or even obese look, it should be mighty but muscular. Coat of Chartreux is short, dense with undercoat and slightly withdraws from the body.