SC Eros della Francigena, IT
SC John Lacay Bleu, IT JW

Eros is incredibly cute and playful boy with naughty flames in his eyes. When he purrs, it sounds like a powerful Italian sports car engine. He probably works on an inexhaustible nuclear drive, because he is constantly ready to play and making of all kinds of freaks and mischief. We are slowly starting introducing to the Czech language with our "L 'italiano vero".

John is a wonderful, easy-going little cat boy who loves playing with toys and fishing rods. He regularly invites us to play by a brief look "follow me" and crazy run accompanied by a funny purr. John is a great partner to our cat gang and learns any mischiefs from all the cats in a flash. Johnny loves our company, and we enjoy our time together accompanied by his mighty contented purr.