Goccia Lacay Bleu, IT - Chartreux

GIC Pirouette de Juma, FR
SC Amonet Blue Alchemist, CZ DVM
SC Goccia Lacay Bleu, IT
Deianeira Blue Alchemist, CZ

Pirouette is a cute and tender cat with an innocent expression. In fact, however, she is a small acting up kitten, inquisitive, courageous, and exploring. She must assist in everything and is damn fast. She is a small all-in-one, which in no way lags behind other members of the cat group and greatly helps Eros in his pubescent escapades. If Tamča joins them and they start chasing Elinka, it's a home-made circus on wheels. The Pirouette can develop incredible speed and the loops she does in the air while hunting toys are incredible. Oftentimes, she is showing her Carthusian nature and waits long in reserve for a moment suitable for attack and infallible hit by a flickering toy. She is a soft blue purring little lady who sometimes looks demure and successfully pretends cat ignorance. Pirouette has already joined Eros in introduction lessons to the Czech language. It should be noted that Bandito is already well ahead, especially in the field of vocabulary depicting dishes, ingredients and other consumables.

Amonet is our blue cat, daughter of Pirouette and Eros. She inherited an amazing friendly nature from her parents and a beautiful expression with eyes, in which nice devilish flames sometimes burn. She is a brilliant cat, and she always tries to figure out what is hiding inside in each toy or game she is playing. Like Pirouette, she sometimes has "excellent" ideas, which she has to realise at all costs. Even if she can inhibit such an idea, we can see that wheels are frenetically turning inside her small head. She likes to look for our company, and she calmly talks to us about something or comments on something. Amonet must be everywhere, and she is a great personal assistant. She really likes to watch what is happening outside. Her acrobatic poses on the bench by the window are amusing and completely original (although we already have one expert with similar sitting creations at home, so for sure, Amonetka inherited this from her father).

Goccia is our youngest Chartreux. She is a blue sweetheart, a cuddly and contact cat, and a great explorer. She has a thoughtful, contemplative expression and is an irresistible play lover. Anything that catches her attention, she must immediately and thoroughly investigate. She loves to climb and explore heights. Her contented purr cannot be overheard, and she certainly doesn't spare it, as well as commenting on everything and everyone.