The Alchemist diary 2021

The Alchemist diary 2022 ...

PF 2022

    1. 2021
      We are overjoyed to welcome a new member of the Chartreux community to our alchemical family. Two weeks after returning from the World Cat Show in Vicenza, Italy, we set off to Italy again. Together with us came home the amazing Italian blue Goccia Lacay Bleu. Goccia comes from a great and reputable Italian cattery and is a descendant of Chartreux cats from lines we wanted to have in our breeding. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity and very much appreciate the trust our friends have placed in us. It is, of course, also a great breeding responsibility for us.
      Goccia has already passed the health tests that all our breeding cats go through with excellent results. Goccia has also passed the necessary quarantine and is starting to integrate into the alchemical Chartreux gang with a little bit of Burmilla mixed in.
      Goccia is a cuddly, sweet and inquisitive cat who loves human company. She loves to play, climb and purr loudly in any order.
  1. 10 - 3. 11. 2021
    Since last year's World Cat Show in Milan, Italy was cancelled, we almost didn't hope that this year's show would take place. Vicenza ItalyHowever, as soon as the registration for the world cat show in Vicenza, Italy, was opened, we registered Pirouette and Amonet and booked a hotel for a slightly longer stay without any hesitation.
    We reserved Friday for a visit to the historic centre of Vicenza. The weather turned out to be beautiful, and we wandered around the city for a few hours, where the onslaught of foreign tourists had declined, and we could soak up the fantastic atmosphere of this beautiful city.
    Vicenza Italy - World Show 2021After breakfast, on Saturday morning, we headed towards the exhibition hall where the World Cat Show was being held. The Italian organizers handled all the organization with an asterisk and an underlined one. Everything went smoothly, without delays, without waiting, well, just without any problems.
    31 Chartreux cats joined the world show, making Chartreux the tenth most represented breed there. The Chartreux part of the catalogue also boasted the names of distinguished catteries and cats from excellent lines. In addition, experienced breeders of Chartreux cats from Italy, France and Switzerland came to the show.
    It was interesting that two judges judged the Chartreux cats. The adults were judged by Mr Marteinn Tausen (IS), while the babies (4-7 months) and juniors (7-10 months) judged Mr Eric Reijers (CZ). The actual judging was a great experience, and we felt that there was a real Chartreux spirit in the Chartreux breeders group surrounding the judging table.
    Vicenza Italy - World Show 2021The judging took place so that the breeder handed the cat to the steward, who then carried it to the judging table. The cats were in their owners ' hands only when the order was determined or later during the Best in Variety. Pirouette and Amonet did everything perfectly, and we were very proud of them. Both of our girls placed second in their classes and did not disgrace themselves for sure.
    All Chartreux breeders present were very happy when the nomination for Sunday's Best in Show went to a stunning adult Chartreux male and a junior boy, which our Italian friends got to their cattery.
    Vicenza Italy - World Show 2021On Sunday, we had our breakfast in a more quiet place, and then we headed again towards the show hall. However, the atmosphere had not lost any of its friendliness, and we spent the whole day chatting with other breeders, which was an extraordinary experience for us. Even more so when one breeder started to talk to us about the history, the standard and his ideas of what a typical representative of the Chartreux cat breed should look like.
    We were also delighted to see that the Czech team had some great successes at this show. Both in Best in Show nominations and Best in Variety wins. In category four, the Czech Republic even had two world winners.
    We enjoyed the whole show, and again we had to bow to the Italian organizers. Everything went like clockwork. Everyone was helpful, friendly and everywhere was clean and tidy.
    On Monday, we visited our friends from the cattery of our Eros. Although it rained quite a lot all day, we didn't mind the rough weather and enjoyed our visit in the company of our great friends and their feline Chartreux gang.
    Bassano del Grappa ItalyOn Tuesday we took a little trip to Bassano del Grappa, Italy, which our friends recommended. The weather turned out to be beautiful for us to visit and walk around the town centre and its surroundings.
    Wednesday morning, after breakfast, we packed our bags and headed back home with the girls.
    Everyone had to greet each other properly at home. The travellers checked their area to see if anything untoward had happened during their absence. And Eros had to check that the right girls had returned from their travels.
    1. 2021
      Today is the first anniversary of our Arduin litter. We wish all of our blue Arduin kitties the best of health because they have wonderful and loving partners and everything they can think of. And we are thrilled for our blue cats and their partners.
      Arduin - Adora Belle Blue Alchemist Arduin - Adora Belle Blue Alchemist
      Adora Belle Blue Alchemist
      Arduin - Angua Blue Alchemist Arduin - Angua Blue Alchemist
      Angua Blue Alchemist
      Arduin - Anubis the Legacy Blue Alchemist Arduin - Anubis the Legacy Blue Alchemist
      Anubis the Legacy Blue Alchemist
      Arduin - Amonet Blue Alchemist Arduin - Amonet Blue Alchemist
      Amonet Blue Alchemist
  1. and 26. 9. 2021
    MVK Praha 2021 - Pirouette de Juma, ChartreuxNext weekend after the show in Viničné we spent at the cat show in Prague. Eros, Pirouette and Amonet took part in the show. There were nine Chartreux cats on Saturday and 10 for Sunday. On Saturday, the open class was the most occupied. And our Amonet was right in the open class. On Saturday, Amonet won in the competition of 3 other cats and became the champion. The judges selected Pirouette from all the adult females present for the BIV on both days. But BIV was won overall by a male cat from a cattery in Switzerland. This boy also beat Eros in the international champion class both days.
    We met our friends from the Czech Republic and abroad at the show and spent a great weekend with them. Our Arduin partners also arrived, which made us very happy.
  1. and 19. 9. 2021
    The next exhibition we visited was the one in Viničné, Slovakia. We went to the show with the whole cat family - Eros, Pirouette and Amonet. It was Amonet's first show. Amonet was very friendly and managed both days very well. On Saturday, Eros got BIV, and Pirouette earned a BIS nomination. On Sunday, Amonet got BIV and BIS nomination. You can find the results from the show for each of our cats in their areas as always.
    1. 2021
      At the end of August, Bruce got his second vaccination. It is lovely to watch all our cats playing with him, although his best friend is, of course, Amonet, who is closest to him in age. These two are an inseparable pair and our two grey shadows, as they follow us almost every step of the way.
  1. and 5. 9. 2021
    We spent another weekend at the cat show in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. We were a little bit disappointed with the environment and the whole organization of this show. Eros and Pirouette attended the show. There was one more Chartreux cat from the Czech Republic and three cats from Italy. On Sunday, Eros was nominated to BIS.
    IK Wiener Neustadt AT 2021 - Eros
  1. and 22. 8. 2021
    After a long break, we went to the cat show in Ostrava. Pirouette and Eros took part in the exhibition. Both of them got a nice evaluation from the judges, and on Sunday, Pirouette received the nomination to BIS. We enjoyed the show in the company of our good friends. The results from the show are listed for each of our cats in their areas.
    MVK koček Ostrava 2021
    1. 2021
      After two previous waves of deworming, Bruce went on his first trip to the world today. He was outstanding, brave and inquisitive in the veterinary. He received his first vaccinations and was welcomed home by all the members of our cat gang.
      Photos from the life of our cats and with our cats are now also on Instagram.
    1. 2021
      Today Bruce received his official pedigree.
      The biggest ally for the little blue boy is our Amonet, who has been doing all sorts of fun and frolicking with him.
    1. 2021
      Our blue agents from litter A celebrated 3/4 of a year. They are impressive kitties, and we are so proud of them.
      Adora Belle Chartreux - 9 měsíců Angua Chartreux - 9 měsíců Anubis Chartreux - 9 měsíců Amonet Chartreux - 9 měsíců
    1. 2021
      The little male is already a great traveller, and his expeditions drive Tamiko crazy. Tamiko would prefer to keep him under her supervision at all times. Bruce also started testing his little vampire tooths.
      Bruce Chartreux - BearBuster Bruce Chartreux - BearBuster
    1. 2021
      One-kitten litter B received the codename Barachiel, and the blue kitten boy was named Bruce DCKNSN.
    1. 2021
      After the first few days, when Tamiko was without milk, and we fed the kitten with a milk substitute, everything turned out for the best and Tamiko is now feeding the little boy on her own.
    1. 2021
      Eros and Tamiko had one amazing little kitten today. Everything was exciting and challenging because the kitten was born by caesarean section. The ultrasound revealed that Tamiko is expecting identical twins, which surprised even our experienced veterinarian.
      We also neutered Tamiko during the surgery. After careful consideration, we made this step and considered where we would like to go in our breeding in the future.
      Bruce Chartreux - freshly born
    1. 2021
      We are getting regular updates from our kittens' families about their development and abilities, including amazing photos. We are happy that our kittens are making their new partners happy.
    1. 2021
      Today, our beige Burmilla Ally celebrates her 11th birthday. We wish her a lot of peace of mind and, above all, good health among the blue commando.
      Burmilla Ally 11th birthday Burmilla Ally 11th birthday

      There has been a significant revelation today. Amonet is entirely innocent of any strange-sounding in her voice. A detailed and thorough examination revealed that the little one mimics the sounds that one big head sometimes spoke to her. Since these sounds are strikingly similar to the voice of Marge from the cartoon series "The Simpsons", we already know why the poor little blue creature communicates with us in its funny squeaky voice. Amonet sorted us in the box "those who meow so strangely, but what should I do when I want to talk with them".
    1. 2021

      The Alchemists wish you Happy and blessed Easter.


    1. 2021
      The agents have been operating in the friendly territories they have occupied for almost two months and are carefully performing the tasks entrusted to them by the secret alchemistical organisation's leadership. Although all of the agents' personal information is stored in hidden files with seals and large "Top secret" labels in secure safes, there has been a mysterious leak that the agents are celebrating their six-month anniversaries today. Several photographs of agents in their civilian roles of cute pets also leaked into the virtual airwaves. However, Madam "P", with the help of Mr "E", managed to prevent the worst by automatically destroying each display device in 5 seconds after seeing the incriminated photos. 5 ... 4 ... 3 ....
      Arduin - Adora Belle Blue Alchemist Arduin - Angua Blue Alchemist Arduin - Anubis Blue Alchemist Arduin - Amonet Blue Alchemist
    1. 2021
      Blue agents regularly send text and image documentation to the alchemistical organisation's headquarters through their spokespersons and private photographers. Thanks to these news, photos, and videos, we are thrilled that we can see how little ones grow beautifully and what happy stories they experience with their partners in everyday life.
    1. 2021
      Little agents regularly use secret cyphers to send reports about their operations in friendly territories, including secretly captured visual documentation. They test the abilities and vigilance of their partners by hiding small objects. They also assist with ordinary activities and their work activities.
    1. 2021
      We are thrilled that we found perfect partners for our kittens, who had patience with us, gave us their trust and prepared homes full of love, well-being and understanding for the blue sweathearts. We are very grateful to them for that, and this a little bit calms our saddeness that we no longer have those little ones at home.
    1. 2021
      Little Adora Belle moved to a new home.
    1. 2021
      Little Angua moved to a new home.
    1. 2021
      Little Anubis moved to a new home.
    1. 2021
      We added more photos of the agents in the Arduin section. This time, each kitten has its own album with a series of images. We've also added some new videos to the alchemistical channel.
    1. 2021
      On Saturday, the kitten girls went to the vet to check and remove the stitches. Both Angua and Adora were perfectly fine, and everything passed quickly and without any problems. Amonet also traveled with us this time for microchipping.
    1. 2021
      Adora, Angua and Anubis went to the vet for a planned procedure - castration and microchipping. Our veterinarian has extensive experience with these procedures on tiny kittens, and we knew that they would be in the best hands with him. Amonet and the others did not go to the vet. After long and thorough deliberation, it seems that Amonet will stay with us.
    1. 2021
      Although we've been expecting this virtually every moment since the last visit to the vet and fought with Archie for every day like lions, we lost that fight today. This time Death of Cats cheated us. Archibald left us with him at the age of thirteen and a half. The Archie (Archibald I Chartreux) will guard the path and shine on it for those who will one day seek it.
      But not right away ... not right away.

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