If you are interested in a kitten from our cattery and are willing to wait a little bit for a kitten from us for a while, do not hesitate to contact us and you can pre-book kittens.

In our cattery, we breed only kittens of Chartreux with a pedigree.

We are carefully trying to plan litters of kittens in our cattery so that our cats have only one litter per year or even for a more extended period. We need to be able to devote adequate time to kittens for their growth, development and education. We want our cats to have enough time to regenerate properly after the period of pregnancy, childbirth and rearing kittens and to enjoy life even without maternity duties or aunt's supervision of restless little kittens.

Our kittens go to new homes at the age of 13 weeks at the earliest, often later. This is not to enjoy the blue little furry balls longer, but to know that we are handing over the kittens to new homes in perfect condition and fully socialized, i.e. among other things, healthy cheeky and inquisitive.

The kittens are fully vaccinated and dewormed when they leave for their new home. They are trained for the cat toilet, and they are brilliantly mastering its usage.

Little blue ones grow up in a loving environment full of toys, stimulating stimuli, scratchers, climbers and bottomless bowls full of quality and nutritious food.

All our kittens, without distinction, receives a chip and are equipped with a europetpass when leaving for a new home.

Kittens that go to the future family as pets are already neutered. Kittens for pets are typical representatives of the Chartreux breed, they are beautiful, healthy and they receive everything in the same way as kittens intended for breeding. The reason why they are not intended for breeding is that, for example, they lack some trait or the trait that we would like to support in our breeding. The other reason can be that kittens of the same parents are already used for breeding. And last but not least, we are also bound by the terms of the purchase contracts of breeders, from whom we have breeding cats.

We select kittens for breeding very carefully, and we offer them only very rarely (on recommendation or to friendly catteries) and if we are sure that this is in favour of the Chartreux cat breed.

Part of the kitten's departure to a new family is the signing of a contract. Both parties must agree agree with its content and confirm this agreement with their signatures. If you have reservations about the contract, it is possible to discuss the wording of some parts or modify the contract to mutual satisfaction. If the conditions of our contract do not suit you and adjustments is not possible, please do not sign it, and you should probably look for a kitten with another breeder. The contract is always a binding legal document for us, regardless of whether we are on the side of the buyer or the seller.

We will always provide help and advice to owners of kittens from our cattery. We are happy to stay in touch with the new companions of our blue ones even after they leave for their new home so that we can watch how they develop and how they are doing in their new homes.

We are also happy to answer questions from those who are really interested in our kittens. Our goal is not to "give" kittens, but to find loving families where they will be cared for with love as beloved members of the household and concerning all their needs.

The reservation fee for kittens is non-refundable.

We reserve the right not to sell any kitten we offer or to reconsider the sale.