Character of Chartreux

Tamiko Tauri thinking The Chartreux interested us mainly for its calm, non-conflict and thoughtful nature. Do not expect them to hunt for a toy for hours to torture their body. After a moment of interest, they begin to discover how it actually works and that there is a hand at the end of the toy, and that hand belongs to you. At that moment they begin to invent "workarounds." It is quite possible that in the end, you will find that you do not play with your cat but the cat is playing with you.

The cute thing is also the way they tell you they are about to do something. So we know in advance that Arčík is about to jump on the table, jump from the back of the chair to the library, or follow the window of the insect that irritates him. His intention almost always reports to a cat with an unexpectedly gentle, cuddling blush. The sound of this breed is generally very quiet, seldom and mostly likeable. Our blues have perfectly mastered and brought to perfection the art, making them not to be guilty at all, and if anything has happened, they definitely have nothing to do with it. In these cases, the tomcat lies near the point of the incident with the uninterrupted expression, and in the "I have not moved for an hour" position, while the Burmilla flies away frantically, whether or not she has her paws in the incident.Chartreux Archibald - Burmilla Ally

Chartreux strongly prefers to go away instead of attacking you. Ideally, somewhere where you will not be able to reach them, and if the escape was unsuccessful, then they will suffer all the misconduct you are going to commit. By the way, the Chartreux has a very fine tongue (unlike the Burmilla that has tongue like emery paper and her love affections sometimes hurts, but she loves to use it).

Chartreux are partners in disaster. The partners who live in your vicinity and are discreetly overseeing you and when everything goes wrong, they jump on and after an intense treading, they make themselves comfortable. They are not a cat who love wearing and pulling, but if you wish, they will also suffer it to make you happy. Chartreux like their peace and it's fine for them to know you are near. Then they recline at your slippers and fall asleep with satisfaction or lie down near your legs so close that you are afraid to move to not to step down to them. And when it does not work out Chartreux at least put her tail over your hand or leg to let you know they are there with you. They will be happy to assist you in all the activities. They like a knot in knitting, clean the papers that you urgently need or they stealthily get by into the cabinet where you just picked up something. In no case, they are aggressive or offensive cats. They are a peaceful force that will never disappoint you and will never stop loving you.

Chartreux Archibald resting