Chartreux Angel

Archibald Nami, CZ

Stargate is the path which our beloved cats go to where we can't go after them yet.

Archie was the first cat in our home and also our first cat with a pedigree. Arčík had a predetermined future of a pet. We let him castrated before the age of one year based on an agreement with the breeder. Arča was a massive calm tomboy with a good heart. However, he was a sweetheart who does not show his tummy and a place under the pouting chin just to someone. But it was lovely when over six kilograms of blue hair spilt on us, started to purr, treading and enjoying stroking. What Arča was not, he was definitely not an athlete. In his own specific way, he played only occasionally and only when he had a playful moment. But this moment didn't take long either. It almost always ended up being tired because we were jumping around a lurking tomcat who has decided that his lurking will move into an unbiased observation of reddened and sniffing two-legged jesters.

Archie was a great fighter and a tomboy with a loving, but unfortunately, very sick heart. He never complained about anything. He followed the motto Carpe Diem and also acted according to it. He was Mr Cat, just our Archie.