1. a 28. 7. 2019
    Last July weekend we attended international cat show, organized by our home organization. The exhibition was held in a calm environment of the racecourse in Velká Chuchle. Both days were hot and sultry. The cats received a small mobile fan, which we occasionally scattered around the still air and whose services we also occasionally used. As a live TV bonus, Tamiko and Eros had a view to the racetrack, on which beautiful horses walked or ran several times during the day. However, it was a great pity that there were not many visitors to the exhibition on Saturday or Sunday. It was probably caused by a combination of holidays, weather and on Saturday due to the triathlon in progress, which also led around the racetrack and reduced the throughput in this part of Prague.
    On Saturday Tamiko got her second CAGCIB certificate and although it was hot and we got to the judging around noon, she was relaxed and worked nicely with the judge. Eros had its premiere in the Czech Republic, he liked it very much and was nominated for BIS. In BIS, Eros was in the company of Burmese kitten and Egyptian mau kitten, who eventually won the BIS.
    On Sunday we went to the judging quite early. Tamiko got her third CAGCIB certificate and the judge praised her eye color, body structure and uniform coat color. As usual, Eros was immediate and he was more interested in the toy he could play with than what the judge said . Judge rated Eros very nice, she liked the quality and length of hairs, color and shape of the eye and also the overall appearance of our musculature guy. Eros was invited to the shortlist for the BIS nomination, where eventually advanced kitten of the British cat.
    For the rest of the exhibition, Tamiko and Eros were inspired by the behavior of their wild, distant relatives from the African plains. They decided to fall asleep in hot conditions, save energy and we have had two stretched and motionless cat skins at Sturdi during rest of the exhibition.
    1. 2019
      On the first weekend in July, we decided to take part in an exhibition in Dachau, Germany. Originally we wanted to go on both days, but unfortunately we missed the original date and when we registered during the extended registration, the free place was only for Sunday. But we did not mind, we left our home to Dachau on Friday and on Saturday we enjoyed the beautiful and hot summer weather and made trips to the surroundings.
      Sunday morning welcomed us with overcast skies, rain and temperature drop, but since we had to spend the whole day in the exhibition hall, it didn't bother us so much. Ten Chartreux were at the show and such abundant participation was quite a surprise for us. However, we were really happy that we had the opportunity to see the Chartreux exhibitors from Germany and Italy and could talk with many of them. The judge for Chartreux on Sunday was Mr. Eric Reijers.
      Tamiko was again beautifully showing off, she even reincarnated into a meerkat for a while and standing on its hind legs on the judge's table. Mr. Reijers praised her pronounced and uniform coat and eyes, muscular body and character and Tamiko got her first CAGCIB certificate.
      Eros had his show premiere in Germany. Tamiko probably gave him instructions and explained to him that there was nothing to worry about and Eros was absolutely calm, enjoyed the show and behaved naturally. He even wanted to be the magician while judging and tried to make disappear one of the judge's toys. That made us laugh and all the onlookers. Eros liked it very much, the judge praised his appearance and character and behavior very much.
      Due to the large number of exhibited Chartreux there was also declared BIV (Best in Variety). Mr. Reijers said something about each of the seven cats that were in the selection and then he declared the winner. And the winner was our little tomcat Eros. We were incredibly excited and happy. In such a big competition, we were really surprised and so much more was our joy. Eros was also invited to the shortlist for a BIS nomination, where he met an older Burmese cat kitten, who eventually advanced to the nomination.
      We liked the whole weekend very much, the exhibition was in a relaxed and quiet spirit. All were pleasant and tried to help and make it more pleasant for both exhibitors and their cat wards. We were very happy that we participated in this show and we will be happy to remember it.
    1. 2019
      We are pleased to announce that our alchemical cat club has grown by a new member. We brought a reinforcement from Italy in the form of Chartreux male Eros della Francigena coming from high-quality foreign lines. We are happy that we could get a tomcat from such a great, quality cattery.
      Eros has already passed health tests with negative results and of course the necessary quarantine. If everything goes as we hope and believe, Eros will become the first breeding boy of our cattery.
      We would like to thank our Italian friends for the trust we have received from them. At the same time, we would also like to thank all our friends who supported us and helped us on this journey.
      Thank you again and we appreciate it.
    1. 2019
      Today we received the results of laboratory tests from the German laboratory LABOKLIN. Tamiko was preventively tested for Calicivirus, Herpes-PCR, Chlamydia-PCR, Mycoplasma felis-PCR and Bordetella bronchiseptica. The results of all performed tests are with the negative result.
  1. a 21. 4. 2019
    We spent the Easter weekend with Tamiko at a cat show in Liberec. The combination of beautiful weather, meeting friends and well-known breeders and a well-organized exhibition has left us an indelible experience. On Saturdays and Sundays, many visitors stopped and we had the opportunity to have a pleasant chat with many of them.
    Tamiko got nice judgment and her second CACIB on Saturday. She was invited to a shortlist for a BIS nomination, where the beautiful Burmese cat Bella Ambra was won.
    On Sunday, four Chartreux presented themselves at the show. Tamiko really enjoyed the judging on Sunday and we just stared in disbelief. She cooperated very well with the judge and she felt like at home on the judge's desk. Tamiko got very nice judgment again and third CACIB. By obtaining the third CACIB certificate, Tamiko became the International Champion and we are very proud of her. Given that four uncastrated Chartreux came together at the show, Best in Variety was also judged and announced, which Tamiko won and we were absolutely thrilled. Tamiko was also invited on Sunday to a shortlist for a BIS nomination, where she met British cat and Burmese cat Bella Ambra, who came out as a winner again.
  1. a 7. 4. 2019
    This weekend we and our little traveler Tamiko visited a two-day international cat show in the German town Hof. It was a classic cage premiere for us and for Tamiko, because the German organization did not allow to exhibit cats in Sturdi cages. However, we knew that in advance and we had enough time to prepare and arrange the necessary equipment to cage and for decoration. The exhibition was well organized, the exhibition spaces in Freiheitshalle were large enough with excellent facilities, and helpful and smiling organizers. In addition to the large number of exhibitors, many visitors came to see the exhibition.
    On Saturday, Tamiko received a very good report in open class and a third CAC and she reached the title Champion. Tami was invited to a shortlist for a BIS nomination on Saturday. There were a total of six cats. In competition with the British shorthairs, Bengals and one Burma finally won the Burmese cat. Tami was very nice all the time, even though we waited for about fifteen minutes before all the exhibitors invited for the shortlist for nomination came for judgment. Partial annoyance was visible at all attendants, after all, the long-standing waiting for exhibitors took a really long time.
    Tamiko competed in champion class on Sunday. Mrs. Pahl liked her and she received a very nice judgment and first CACIB. Also on Sunday Tami was invited to the shortlist for nomination, this time she had a competition in the form of two British cats and two Burmas. The Burmese cat passed to the nomination. Tami was very skilful for both days, and as always she was interested in everything around. She was restocking her energy with a deep and contented sleep, when she lay in a cage in a very relaxed position.
    1. 2019
      The French version is officially launched.
    1. 2019
      We spent Sunday by an exhibition in Eisenstadt, a small town with a charming old center near Vienna. For us and Tamiko it was the first foreign exhibition. In addition, one-day and two-certificate, so in one day (in this case, in the morning) we were on two judgings. The organizers have prepared show very well, and they even managed the fact that we have already prepared a classic cage instead of a free table for Sturdi, although we have advised it several times in advance. In the end, however, we agreed, everything cleared up, and with a smile and calmness there was a correction.
      In the open class, three Chartreux met. Although judges liked Tamiko, they finally preferred cats with lighter fur and more mature expression. We were so glad that we also had the chance to see a pretty Chartreux from a Hungarian cattery and talk to her accompaniment.
      Tamiko managed the show really perfectly, as well as a four-hour trip to Austria and then back again. She looked at other cats at the show and we felt she was really enjoying it. Especially that there was something new happening around her. At home, she surely told Arcik and Elinka what kind of world she had seen.
    1. 2019
      Today we received a negative result of the genetic test for PKD (polycystic kidney disease) from the Genomia Laboratory.
      Although Chartreux do not suffer from this hereditary disease, we decided that Tamiko should pass this test. We wanted to have 100% confidence and thanks to the negative result we also have assurance Tamiko does not suffer from this disease and can not be a potential carrier of this disease for the next generation. We are very happy from the negative result of the test, although we expected it.
    1. 2019
      On Sunday, Tamiko also received a beautiful report with CAC certificate from Mr. de Bruijn. The situation was repeated again, Tamiko went into the shortlist for a BIS nomination, which was subsequently won by a beautiful young British cat.
      The exhibition was held in a pleasant environment, well organized.
      Tamiko enjoyed the spotlight on the judges tables. In the meantime she was watching the passing visitors inside her cozy environment of her habitat or she happily snoozed.
      The results are added in the table and you can also find pictures from the exhibition in the gallery.
    1. 2019
      Tamiko first entered open class at the International Cat Show held in Beroun. Mr. Vladimir Isakov (judge) liked her very much and she received a beautiful report with CAC certificate. She was chosen to be in a shortlist for a BIS nomination, and in this shootout the British cat won the nomination.
    1. 2019
      We added a photo gallery to the Exhibitions section, which will be continuously updated.
    1. 2018
      The English version is officially launched. We have made a lot of effort to translate the pages correctly, but because we are not native speakers, all corrections are welcome.
    1. 2018
      On the second day of the exhibition, eight Chartreux were exhibited, again three in class 11 (kittens 7-10 months). Tamiko enjoyed the show, she was very handsome and she presented herself beautifully.
      For the results of both days, see the Exhibitions section.
    1. 2018
      We participated in the International Cat Show in Olomouc. Saturday's exhibition was attended by nine Chartreux out of which three were in class 11 (kittens 7-10 months).
    1. 2018
      Cattery Blue Alchemist, CZ enters the web space.