Blue Alchemist

Blue Alchemist, CZ cattery of Chartreux was founded in August 2018 under the international FIFe organization. We are members of the SO cat breeders Prague 4.

The name of our cattery was created by combining the characteristic colour of the Chartreux and the name of the song by our favourite band Iron Maiden.

Our vision and the goal with which we founded the Blue Alchemist cattery is primarily the emphasis on rigorous care for the health of our wardens and ensuring their happy and full-fledged lives. The direction we want to take is the breeding and rearing of healthy cats, which will be visually and naturally conform to the standard. At the same time, we strive to maintain the distinctive appearance of Chartreux, including their amazing nature. It is our repayment of debt to this beautiful and soulful breed of cats with which we have joined our lives.

Representatives of our cattery are currently a cat ladies GIC Tamiko Tauri Cvirn, CZ, Pirouette de Juma, FR and tomcat Eros della Francigena, IT.

Together with Tamiko, Eros and Pirouette, there is also Archibald (the Chartreux male) in our home cat team, whom we brought from the South Bohemian cattery in 2007. Three years later, in 2010, our cat's household grew up with Ally Miloe Burmilla from a cattery in Prague. Both Arčík and Elinka are with Pedigree and neutered.

All of our cats are regularly vaccinated, tested for infectious diseases with negative results and under regular veterinary supervision.

We consider our cat companions to be rightful and equal members of the family with unlimited movement throughout the household. They live with us in a harmonious and loving environment.

We place great emphasis on quality and balanced meals. We feed chicken, turkey and beef meat. From commercial food, we prefer Orijen dry food, Purizon or N&D, as well as Schesir, Canagan, Princess Premium and Animonda Carny Exotic pockets and cans. Diet is supplemented with Capraverum Cat (with goat milk) nutritional supplements and pastes from GimCat, Vétoquinol.